Obviously, she’s one of those people who throw around “facts” without documentation.

Her remarks regarding photos of both suspected and convicted criminals depicted in stories in the Town Crier are, at best, pointless. To question the Town Crier’s motives is, to me, insinuating that the paper is biased toward black people.

Her basis was put forth with “I don’t knows” and “… ponder whether the others were not African-Americans,” then adding her opinion (not necessarily factual), “ … young African-American males are incarcerated disproportionately …” Seems to me, if there are more black youths incarcerated, that means more black youths are committing crimes.

Or is she also implying that judges are determined  to incarcerate black youths?  She also added “… life for them often begins at a loss.” Well, I don’t know where Ms. Ferrand comes from, but I’ve seen a lot of white people’s lives begin at a loss, also, including my own.

Her letter is nothing more than fanning racism. It’s people like her that keep the flames burning. Perhaps she can get a job with Al Sharpton.

Rick Bonanno

Diamond Valley