I was reading the new County Service Area Advisory Council profile of Ginger Dagnall and she sounds like the right person for the job.

After all these years, the advisory is back and hopes to do many good things.

One thing I noticed was she said it was a constant struggle with the county to get a full approval for a full menu of sports offerings. She had many ideas of what she would like to see happen.

I was on the committee for about 10 years and unless things have changed, I would like to tell you a few things. When you have your meetings, somehow you need to get people to come to them. When one or two (or maybe five) people show up meeting after meeting, they start to become the eyes and ears of the committee instead of the community.

And don’t forget that’s all you are — the eyes and ears and to check how much money was spent.

Back where you said it was a struggle with the county? Nothing will change because you are on the CSA council. You decide nothing. Everything is decided by the county.

So, if you hope to get anymore than what you already have, your only chance is maybe to fill up your meetings and that may give you more of a edge than we had.

I don’t know who is in charge from the county now. At the time it was Mr. Brown. I liked him a lot because he was very fair, but he can only do what his boss will allow.

If you work with him, you’d better know your stuff because he really knows his. Have a plan and know it inside and out before you take it to him.

Michael Freitas