I look forward to going to breakfast Sunday mornings and take a little more time to dress nicely.

After I sit down, a man wearing a tank top that shows off his arms full of tattoos is sitting nearby. It must hurt to have this done and must be costly. Why would anybody want to disfigure themselves — or is it the herd instinct again? “Everybody has them so why not I?”

As I am waiting for my breakfast, I notice a family with three children a few tables away from me and guess what? They all have their eyes glued to their tables and phones. No conversation. The parents are transfixed, too.

I call thse scenarios “The dumbing of America.”

Parents need to teach their children manners, respect and discipline. When this is done at home, they will behave better in school and show respect for their teachers. They also will learn more.

Too many parents defend their undisciplined children in front of the teachers. This has to stop.

I feel very sorry for the teachers these days. They are expected to do the job parents should do at home.

Parents, don’t you know our future and country depend on you?

I want you to know that I care deeply. That’s why I am writing. God bless America.

 Gisela Stearns