In response to William Faurot and “How soon we forget” (10/13/2016): The point of my letter “The Right to bear arms revisited” (9/01/2016) was that I just don’t believe our government is trying to take away our guns like the NRA would have us believe.

If true, I must have missed the part where Obama expressed even a passing interest in taking all our guns or repealing the Second Amendment. Or, maybe all the gun owners I know weren’t home that day.

Even though you state “yes, the federal government might attempt to take away all guns,” you also contradict that when you state: “They (the federal government) have not done so because the political and economic costs of confiscation would be enormous.”  Exactly, and this is one reason why I don’t believe, no matter what the NRA says, that all of our guns will be confiscated.  Just how would our government confiscate the more than 300 million guns out there?  It’s not a feasible task.

The NRA used to be for the hunter, the ordinary citizen and the young folks just starting out with guns. Now, the NRA has become a cash cow for its executives and the gun industry.  So, I don’t buy into what Wayne LaPierre and the NRA tells us, over and over and over.  For them, it doesn’t have to be a true statement, but if you hear it often enough you will accept it.

The gun owners I know haven’t had government agents come into their homes to confiscate their guns, not in my lifetime.

Actually, it was the NRA supporter in this election who said they were for stopping and frisking and taking away people’s guns.  He’s the only candidate who has actually said he wants to take away people’s guns.

I still have my guns for hunting and protection. And I am confident I will have them in the future.

Frank Baele, Idyllwild