This is a growing concern of mine and our neighbors, although we want all who come to visit our iconic mountain town to have an enjoyable experience.

However, it has been noted that the weekend crowd who rents our neighborhood cabins (and it’s not the AARP crowd) have too good of a time.

The loud parties (and a generous serving of alcohol, etc.) continue into the night where loud cursing and the F bomb can be clearly heard.

I appreciate Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies for their rapid response, as they came within five minutes of my 911 call, as  the latest pack of weekend partiers thought it best to have a bonfire. Yes, on almost the three-year anniversary of our town’s evacuation from the wildland fire.

Had the bonfire actually been lit, the deputy was ready to call the fire department, as it was dispatch who sent the sheriff’s department first.

I was curious. When people rent these weekend vacation cabins, is there something in place that they acknowledge on a rental agreement? Like, no bonfires or open flames, and a quiet time, like 11 p.m. (just like the campgrounds in town)?

If it keeps up, I’ll just keep calling Riverside County Sheriff.

What can we do, Becky?

Monica Johnson