I want to comment after this column’s silence for many weeks now, about the responses we’ve received from you, our readers, as we continue our membership drive.

Many members don’t just put a check and a form in the mail. They often write comments, such as how many generations have been coming to the family cabin for decades and reading the TC.

They send us kudos to keep it up and that the community wouldn’t be the same without the TC, such as this one: “I am only a summer resident but I feel that this community really needs a newspaper for all the reasons you have mentioned. We plan our activities around the events reported in the paper and feel that it is important to support this paper and keep it going.”

Our Pasadena friend, who was editor of the UCLA Daily Bruin paper when Jack also attended there, took the time to type out his thoughts. It is a long letter so I’ll just throw a bit out there: “It’s terrible to think about what will go on with all vigilance and sunshine removed from the (allegedly) public meetings many of the boards and groups are supposed to have. It’s the dark and unseemly side of small town life.”

Another wrote, “Becky, Jack and staff — Thank you for keeping us informed. I don’t know what we would do without your news!”

I want to answer each of these notes and letters personally. It’s a great deal of work, however. But we are extremely grateful and touched. Jack and I spent a great deal of time last week getting thank-yous, decals and Red Kettle discount cards out to most of you. You should either already have them or get them soon.

Becky Clark, Editor