55 years ago - 1962

Foster Lake opened for trout fishing.

50 years ago - 1967

Fire commissioners voted to purchase a portion of the Idyllwild Inn property as a site for the new fire station.

45 years ago - 1972 

Jessica Hamilton just couldn’t wait. She was delivered in the fire department ambulance near Keenwild while mother Penny was en route to the hospital.

40 years ago - 1977 

The local Lions Club chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary and prepared to begin its fourth decade.

25 years ago - 1992

With two minutes left of the final game of the Idyllwild Basketball League season, players began a fast break toward the door at the Desert Sun Science Center gym. The teams were reacting to an earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale.

20 years ago - 1997 

The Riverside Transit Agency conducted a survey to see if there was a need for a bus service on the Hill.

15 years ago - 2002 

Idyllwild Water District, already in Stage 2 water conservation, was considering a jump to Stage 3.

10 years ago - 2007

Idyllwild Middle School students Hannah Luna and Gina Drell came home with awards from competing in the Southern California Science Olympiad, winning in the “Write it, Do It” category.

5 years ago - 2012

Idyllwild School was again selected as a Title I Academic Achievement recipient.

1 year ago - 2016

For the third year, U.S. military veterans returned to Idyllwild as thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. They were part of “Warrior Hike: Walk Off the War.”