The Fern Valley Water District Board of Directors met last Friday and discussed future capital expenditures and the approval of a candidate for the California Special Districts Association Board of Directors.

Under consideration is construction to expand the board meeting room and the replacing of district field trucks. Director Robert Krieger led the discussion regarding replacing older vehicles and office construction, noting that board-room construction would require modifying the current budget. “We will have to make budget adjustments,” he said. The current budget does include replacing existing field trucks.

The board directed General Manager Victor Jimenez to commence the search for two trucks. Purchase of a third truck (the district currently fields three) would be deferred until later. Krieger noted a preference for diesel, given fuel economy and engine durability and purchase within Riverside County, so that taxes would go to the county. Jimenez noted that reducing current purchase to two trucks is well within the budget.

President Jim Rees said he would begin investigation of the project to expand the board meeting room, which would include adding central air as part of the project. In answer to a question from Director Charlie Wix regarding construction timeline, Rees estimated the project, including plan check with the county, could be completed within six months. “The actual job would only take about 60 days,” said Rees. Both discussion items — the truck purchases and building construction — would be action items for the August board agenda.

Krieger queried, as part of the general manager’s report, water loss of 11 percent in 2016 compared to 14.7 percent in 2015 for the May/June period. Jimenez reported that last month the loss was only 5 percent. Jimenez complimented the field staff for the excellent job they have been doing.

The board voted to authorize Rees to sign a ballot, in the California Special Districts Association 2016 board election, to re-elect current CSDA President Bill Nelson, given his service, experience and background.

The board confirmed the next meeting will be at 9 a.m. Friday, Aug. 19.