For seven summers, Don and I have been coming up the mountain from the desert. Besides enjoying the beauty, hiking and music, we have made many friends.

People ask us how we got acquainted with so many people when we aren’t full-timers? The answer is, we volunteered.

We started volunteering at the Nature Center, which we still do. Then when the new library came about, we started helping there, too. Don looks forward to passing the donation bucket at the summer concerts. It’s not a lot of volunteering, but enough for us to make friends and feel part of the community.

Idyllwild used to be known as having 3,000 residents and 9,000 volunteers. Over the past few years, we have seen this change. Most of the organizations are volunteer-deprived.

These are worthy organizations that help everyone with educational and recreational programs, and serve people in need. Without volunteers, these wonderful organizations will not survive.

A person needs only to find the local group that fits his/her interests and give just a few hours a week or month of volunteer time.

The realtors in town tell me houses are selling. I urge you full-time or  part-time, old and new residents, to volunteer in this amazing community. A volunteer is never without friends and is rewarded by helping others.

Sally Hedberg

Pine Cove