Last month, Judge Mark Mandiio had suspended the arson prosecution of Traci Farley, 52, of Pinyon, a woman who was charged in June with 13 counts of arson.

On Aug. 17, Mandilo received the medical reports of Farley’s mental competence. He will review them before proceeding with further court actions. However, he did ask one of the doctors for further clarification of his report.

In one of the two supplement reports, the physician was asked to specifically address whether Farley is competent or not competent to stand trial.

Consequently, the next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 31. Farley is still in custody, without bail.

“She is charged with 13 separate small arson fires all lit on or around the same day. All started at different spots relatively close to each other, near her house,” wrote John Hall, district attorney information specialist. “As charged, we believe the evidence shows 12 of the fires were brush/forest land and one of the fires was a neighbor’s fence.”