In the Aug. 25, issue, W. R. Faurot writes about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, the right of individuals to own a gun, and possible administration changes to the Supreme Court. He seems to fear that his right to own a gun will be taken away and that his gun may be confiscated.

I have to say that in 1971, my college roommate at Cal Poly spoke of the NRA and that he feared the government intends to take away his and everybody’s guns. That was more than 45 years ago and no law-abiding citizen has yet to have their gun(s) taken away.

If you read another article in the Aug. 25 issue, “Familiarity breeds acceptance,” then you will understand why the NRA keeps putting out there that our government is going to take your guns away. It doesn’t have to be a true statement, but if you hear it often enough you will accept it.

Anyway, our government isn’t trying to take your guns away or else they would have by now. All most of us want to do is save lives and prevent accidental deaths.

Responsible gun owners support responsible gun control laws, otherwise innocent blood will continue to spill, and we have seen enough of this.

Frank Baele