Someone at IWD has been studying the Clinton playbook. “Pending means pending.” It depends on what your definition of it is.

John Cook congratulated Mr. Lynch for obtaining more than $400,000 in grants, obtaining the recycling project and convincing three under-performing employees to leave the district’s employment.

Are we to believe that Mr. Lynch wrote the grant letters? I, for one, do not. Not an easy task, especially when you already have a full-time job.

How about that well-earned pat on the back for work on the water recycling project that someone else did long before he was employed at IWD?

Mr. Lynch may have had a hand in getting more wells up and producing, but necessity was the driving force. I doubt he did it all by himself.

Could it be that those employees deemed incompetent were, in fact, questioning someone’s judgment and in doing so, making someone look bad?

“We requested that he have a rudimentary knowledge of treatment, not waste water.” I may be wrong, but isn’t the Level II exam all about treatment, not waste water?

Ms. Rockwell seems to understand, “Does that mean we have another inadequate employee?” The requirements for employment were known by all before Mr. Lynch was hired.

As an outsider looking in, I see a whole lot of covering one’s butt, and mostly from management. They seem to be the under-performers, trying to placate the public with lies, double speak and back peddle.

I think it a bit late to be changing the rules so it does not look like they made a mistake in their choice, as it sure looks like that is exactly what they are doing. A page right out of the Clinton play book.

Mark Mitchell 

Pine Cove