It was a stirring sight to see so many Idyllwilders on the street last week waiting for a reported invasion of looters from “Off the Hill.” I spoke to one local on guard outside his business who said his wife was terrified at home in anticipation of the attack.

Another local also told me there were, “Plenty of heavily armed people up here ...” which I suppose is comforting. 

Police were very much in evidence, which was good to see with many businesses boarded up in preparation. 

However, the chances of organized groups of looters coming up here to plunder the souvenirs of our beautiful village (with scenes of masked hooligans running down the street with bags of Idyllwild T-shirts, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle tea pots or locally made walking sticks) is a little fanciful at best. 

We should count ourselves lucky we don’t have a Gucci or Nordstrom just yet, as that would invite all sorts of horrors at times like this. 

William Patterson