We are 20-year residents. We love to treat visitors to one of our many fine restaurants. Labor Day weekend, I looked for a restaurant with live music.

I checked the Town Crier’s “On the Town.” There were only three listing live music.

When I walk around town I hear live music everywhere. This is an artist community. Ferro Restaurant advertises music. They are popular.

There are four restaurants advertising in the Town Crier. But 16-plus restaurants here. Do restaurants really think people will just wander in?

I looked for one in particular to call so that I could find out if they had live music or needed reservations. Surprisingly, no advertising in the Town Crier, and on Google, no current phone. Yet, I knew they were still open and running.

So I drove over to tell them they had no number and see if I needed reservations. They were surprised that their numbers were wrong.

Please take this to heart, restaurant owners. Even locals want to know: Live music? What nights? Reservations?

Could you go the extra mile and list your music or phone number in the Town Crier? The Idyllwild Phone Book? The restaurant I wanted was not listed in the phone book either.

The phone book is in every vacation home/rental. I always check the Town Crier for weekly events. Not everything is online.

Let’s help our tourist industry by advertising. Live music. Yeah.

We accidentally walked into Fratello’s restaurant. Excellent food, excellent music. I would pay to hear this band Sugarbear. I will invite friends to come and eat and hear them. I wish I had gone there first, spent the evening, if only I knew where to go and what music was playing. And food? Wonderful. Why doesn’t anyone write in about wonderful food?

Let’s be a supportive small town. We have some of the best entertainment and food in the Inland Empire. Put it out there. Don’t let people wander around hoping to find something good. Let them know what is good and where to find it.

Advertise. Please. I have nothing to gain from this letter except to help our restaurants and entertainment. Really, if something is good, spread the news. If the town benefits, we all benefit.

Victoria Durona, Idyllwild

Editor’s note: The Town Crier did not solicit this letter. (But we appreciate it.)