If there is one thing I can say, it is that we are grateful for all the support and positive energy everyone has given us here at INK Book Gathering. We appreciate it more than we can say.

We cannot condone the negative things being said, all we can do is support the freedom of opinion. It’s what we do here every day!

As a local business owner and resident, I want to see our community flourish. If people, locals and visitors, want to support our community then I suggest we do it in positive manners: shop and dine local, attend local events, be a part of our community.

Slinging insults is a freedom we all have, but why not focus on creation instead of destruction?

Instead of sitting around complaining about the loss of business, go buy some jerky or a hat. Instead of talking about tourists not spending money, go get your groceries at any of our markets or find something unique for your cabin at any of our antique shops. Instead of insulting someone for not doing enough for us here at the bookstore, come grab a book from us or Bubba’s or Lady of the Lake.

Complaining about our community is a right that we can all indulge in — but to what extent does it do any good? None. Let’s bring our focus on supporting our community.

Eduardo had an idea for a way to support a local business and took action. His intention is commendable! We appreciate everything Eduardo does for the Idyllwild Authors Series, and everyone else who contributed to these amazing events.

His hope was that these events would not end with the closing of the series, but that the interest and support would carry throughout the year, for our shop and events, and for the other businesses (Strawberry Creek Inn and Café Aroma) which supported the series as well.

The fact that a number of businesses were involved, several individuals contributed, many authors participated, and so many of the community turned out speaks to the desire and support that thrives here.

We are grateful that people care enough about INK to rally behind us — but we would rather have our rallying cry be one of an upbeat nature. Let us build, as a community and as individuals, not tear things apart.

Julie Johnson

David Dapeer
Literature Expert,

Mary Stevenson
Teen Book Connoisseur
INK Book Gathering staff