Editor’s note: Co-publisher Jack Clark is writing “Out Loud” this week:

For the Nov. 16 Idyllwild Water District meeting, Acting Board President John Cook hired an armed, uniformed sheriff’s deputy at a cost of $300 because of disturbances at the Sept. 22 meeting caused by one member of the public and “a reporter,” he said.

After the meeting, Cook confirmed to me that he had been speaking of JP
Crumrine of our newspaper — the only reporter who covers IWD meetings. Cook said JP had disturbed the previous meeting by ordering someone to “look at me when I’m talking to you.” I asked if JP really had said that, and Cook responded, “It’s in the minutes. Read the minutes.” I said I would do so, and thanked him for the information.

Well, I then read the minutes — all of them. Three times. Absolutely nothing appears in the minutes about any such remark or anything remotely like it made by JP or anyone else. Everyone is welcome to stop by the TC office and read the minutes for themselves.

This is not the first time Cook has informed the public of things that never happened. On Oct. 6, the TC published his letter to the editor asserting that at the Sept. 22 meeting, I had handed Director June Rockwell “a secret note.” I never gave her a note or anything else. Neither she nor I have any idea what he was talking about.

In that same letter, Cook described Rockwell’s departure from that meeting as “she grabbed her purse and stormed out of the meeting.” Lockhart informs that she doesn’t even carry a purse.

During last Wednesday’s meeting, Cook also mentioned that a special election of directors would not be taking place until April. The audience reacted with incredulity, since there is no special election set for April. Supervisor Washington’s office has indicated that the board of supervisors will be appointing two new IWD directors on Dec. 6, less than two weeks from now.

Cook insists that one director’s “No” vote can block two “Yes” votes of other directors, he appears delusional about board events, and he thinks he needs an armed guard to keep the peace at meetings he chairs. What’s next?

Jack Clark