I have more than a couple of issues on my mind this week. With summer upon us, events, concerts, festivals and vacations keep us quite occupied.

And that brings me to one concern — vacation photos. We love publishing you, family and friends with the Town Crier throughout all areas of the world. Lately, however, submitted photos are in very low resolution, possibly taken with a phone. With Internet’s necessity for small format sizes, I think our phones are automatically set for low resolution.

But because we still print ink on paper, in order to get your low-resolution photo to look clear, we shrink the photo to a small size. So please, check your settings before snapping  that photo. We really want you to look great in ink.

And with all the summer events coming up to look forward to, I want to encourage you not to miss a particularly important event this week. It may not be as artsy and entertaining as you might like, but I think meeting with our three top fire chiefs as we move deeper into fire season rates fairly high on my radar.

U.S. Forest Service Chief Dan Felix, River-side County Fire/Cal Fire Chief John Hawkins and Idyllwild Fire Chief Patrick Reitz will be at Town Hall at 6 p.m. Thursday, courtesy of the Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council, to discuss this fire season and how we may prepare for it.

As we learned last year, natural disasters, no matter how they’re caused, don’t take vacations or care a whit about our fun up here. Hope to see you there.

Becky Clark, Editor