Regarding last week’s letter, “Requiem for Tomorrow,” I strongly differ from the writer’s views regarding those who voted for President-elect Trump.

I believe that in spite of all of the vitriolic rhetoric from both sides during the campaign, Trump did what was needed to win, dirty as it looked. And as the dust settled post-election, I am seeing the emergence of a kinder, gentler man.

Middle Americans have been getting shafted by the Left for the last eight years, but now they are seeing a glimmer of hope.

Clinton represented four more years of “same ole, same ole” when this country needed an enema badly. The Affordable Care Act was an unwanted and unfair tax, and that was what swung the election.

So, as protesters run onto our freeways like spoiled little children, why don’t the rest of us just take our collective breath and give the man an opportunity to fulfill his promises.

Our founders in their wisdom created checks and balances to ensure that progress would be slow and thoughtful, and gave us representatives to present the ideals of their constituencies. Let’s give our great system an opportunity to work as it was intended.

And yes, America has a pulse, and will rebound as it always has. We the people are strong, and we will forever be “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Mark Dean

Pine Cove