Two points regarding how we view Idyllwild.

1) Re: “Candidates for Idyllwild Water vacancies,” question: “Are you for ‘no growth?’”  VS answers “No. If 15,000 people want to have resources to build, our board shouldn’t control growth.” 

What? 15,000 people getting our scarce water? IWD should have a more responsible concept of growth for Idyllwild. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. Or maybe VS was being sarcastic?

2) I was just at one of our favorite places, Idyllwild County Park. Been going there for years; tranquil, tree-lined meadow and trail. People come from all around, camping and enjoying nature. 

A Riverside County Parks worker described the new, ridiculous plans for building pickleball courts. The Idyllwild Community Center doesn’t have room for pickleball courts so they are dumping them in Idyllwild park. 

He said the parking lot will be enlarged onto the meadow with fencing, paving around the entire meadow, three pickleball courts with fencing and paving, pathway through the woods paved and other nature-eliminating “improvements.” 

He said pickleball players go to the desert in winter. It’s too cold in Idyllwild. This silly plan will be underused.

Idyllwild park is the only open park like this in Idyllwild proper, our mini Central Park. I think ICC members had not gone to the park before and saw unused space, perfect for dumping their pickleball courts; not considering that people love the park as it is. 

There were some large, grayed-out tree trunks. Families had picnics and family photos, sitting on the logs. They’re being removed. ICC hasn’t even been built and it has to expand? And destroy more nature across town? 

I suppose if ICC wanted a “guided nature adventure trail” they’d put hand rails along the entire Ernie Maxwell Trail, with stations offering “leg stretch, pushup, squat, etc.” And pave the trail so no one slips. This is what they are doing to Idyllwild County Park.

There has always been a sign in the park stating, “No Organized Events in Meadow,” so if ICC follows the rules, at least there won’t be pickleball tournements in the meadow.

The good people of ICC want to create a fun place for our town, but why do they have to destroy a lovely, natural area enjoyed by everyone, way across town from where the ICC s located, so a few people can occasionally play “pickleball?”

Peter Davison


Vic Sirkin’s response to the above letter: 

It is my personal opinion that we cannot support 15,000 more residents. 

My point was if there is ample water, we should allow the sale of meters. If there is not ample water, then we cannot sell unlimited numbers of meters. 

The primary issue here is that the responsibility of the water board is to wisely manage our water resources. It is definitely not to dictate who can live here and who cannot. 

I support a valid scientific study to determine our potential to supply water.

Vic Sirkin


Editor’s note on the pickleball courts: We are investigating Mr. Davison’s concerns and will be reporting on the findings.