We have had a cabin on double lots totaling over 1 acre since the early 1970s in Pine Cove, and have had numerous instances of mindless vandalism committed by known and unknown organizations or individuals.

So we can identify with her loss and have real compassion for her situation. We also have real pride in our mountain and our property. We have expended an inordinate amount of  treasure and time for improvements and maintenance of our trees and bushes over these 40-plus years.

Unfortunately, our concerns put us in the hapless minority position.

During these 40-plus years, we suffered the following “major” damages to our property:

1) Stolen white fir tree at the driveway entrance before Christmas. It was about 7- to 8-feet tall.

2) “Topped” white fir tree, about 20 feet tall, on the other side of the driveway by Edison. This tree died soon after.

3) On three separate occasions, vehicles plowed into our property and killed/damaged landscaping planted many years earlier. One of the trees was already about 4 inches in diameter.

4) Edison’s contractor entered our property and needlessly removed large branches from a canyon live oak tree. Contractor demolished a 10-foot-plus section of the Z-rail fence and made a mess with his steel-tracked vehicle. The use of this type of equipment causes lots of damage and is no longer utilized in ordinary situations. This tree posed no danger to anything.

5) More recently, in the fall of 2015, a land surveyor entered without the required notice on both of our parcels, damaging about 12 coniferous trees to facilitate his surveying our adjacent property. Neither did he follow “industry” good practices.

The damage consisted of removing branches at the approximately 4- to 7-foot height. The trees are now permanently disfigured. These types of trees never regrow side branches.

6) The surveyor can be easily identified, but I am still waiting for him to come forward and apologize, etc., for his actions. But I am afraid this is wishful thinking on my part. So sad.

Emil Bereczky

Placentia/Pine Cove