I refer to last week’s article about the Art Alliance of Idyllwild membership meeting and wondered if your reporter attended the same meeting that I did. Yes, there were a few members with a single-item agenda, but there were many facts and nuances your reporter failed to mention. For example:

• The AAI financials include monies collected for the sale of its members’ artworks at AAI events. Checks are promptly sent to the artists, less a small credit-card processing fee, if applicable.

• AAI is left with some working capital to fund future events, donations, etc. There was a time when the AAI presidents had to use their own funds to put on events. Thank goodness AAI is now more financially prudent.

• AAI is able to provide financials for each event and will supply figures to anyone who clearly states what information they seek and for what purpose.

• AAI membership has increased, as has the number of events sponsored by AAI each year. It has received additional funds and will host more art workshops.

• AAI is introducing a Volunteer of the Year Award that will be named after its first recipient, Gary Kuscher, for his many years of dedicated service. This positive news was received to great applause.

• The board agreed to look into all of the issues raised, including the acceptance of a most welcome offer for an accountant to conduct a complete financial audit.

• The AAI board is made up of volunteers and many of the membership expressed their gratitude for their commitment and professionalism.

Many members volunteered their help during the meeting and many left feeling very positive. Your article does a disservice to these people.

I hope you redress this in future articles about the good AAI does for its members and the community.

Donna Elliot

Editor’s note: The Town Crier does not keep or report the minutes of meetings we attend. That is the job of the organization’s recording secretary. We report news; what we feel are newsworthy matters of import to the community. The story in question reported on specific controversial matters discussed at a recent AAI membership meeting. In such a story, we do not generally at the same time report on the wonderful things an organization has done or is doing. Those are reported in other stories. 

Readers of the Town Crier and other Idyllwild House publications know that we have published dozens upon dozens of stories regarding the fine accomplishments of AAI’s board and members and the contributions they have made and are making to our community, including in this issue.