We were victimized last week. Our home in Pine Cove was victimized while we were on a Christmas family retreat, but by whom? Our front yard bush, the one we’ve been nurturing for 15 years, was gone. To the ground. Decimated.

My neighbor, who lost five of the plants he’s been nurturing for years, is p---ed and thinks it was the county. SCE at least leaves a 30-day note on the door and a polite mailing to the property owner. We still don’t even know who did it.

We’ll find out. We’ll call our county supervisor and congressman. Their staff will find out. My lawyer may even investigate the “legalities.”

Can they, without notice, step on private property? And what kind of emergency action took 30 years to recognize? (No way to remove a 30-year old bush without a step on my property.) 

But what a waste of everyone’s time. A simple 30-day notice on the door, with an explanation why, and that’s all.

We still need to spend a few hundred dollars to landscape the mess they left, and we still don’t even know who did it.

Norm Kaffen

Pine Cove