Power trucks blocking one lane of Fern Valley Road about noon Monday. Still, snow visitors headed toward Humber Park as the snow started falling again.                                                        Photo by marshall smith

Even with four days of treacherous winter weather, the California Highway Patrol reported only two incidents from Wednesday, Jan. 18, through Tuesday, Jan. 24.

At 1:20 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22, Rafael Hernandez, 45, (no city of residence given) had been driving his 2017 red Toyota Camry on Highway 74 westbound just past the intersection with Highway 243, when he pulled onto the right shoulder. 

At some distance behind him, also driving west, was Arielle Wilburn, 25, of Pasadena, driving a 2013 blue Mazda 3.

At some point, Hernandez pulled off the shoulder into the highway and collided and sideswiped Wilburn’s Mazda, causing moderate damage to the Mazda and requiring a tow. Although Wilburn complained of pain, she did not request transport.

At 7:35 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, eight vehicles were involved in crashes on Highway 74 just east of Bull Canyon Road. All of them were due to patches of ice on the road. All were non-injury crashes. First was a two-car crash, followed moments later by a four-car pileup. Then at 7:40 a.m., a Caltrans plow collided with another vehicle. That collision is under investigation by CHP Officer Graham Aanestad. 

In the other collisions, drivers exchanged information and were able to drive away. The CHP report did not list names of drivers.