For some time now, I’ve sought out a humorous cartoon to run each week in the paper. With this community’s talent, you might think someone with that talent would come forward.

The original cartoonist, of course, was EMax. Then came John Marshall with “For the Hill of It.” When he became too ill, the late, great Steve Hudson and Jessica Schiffman, combined their talents, teaming up to bring us  “On the Fringe.” When Jessica could no longer do it, Zac Johnson stepped in and then Cihan Sesen.

We enjoyed Chris Fisher’s “Mr. Funny Guy” until he could no longer do it.

So we’ve seen much local talent contributing — just not lately. I receive international requests to run comics from numerous syndicates and cartoonists but never found one I thought would fit, until last week, when I was going through a stack of paperwork on my desk and ran across “Wombania.”

I liked it. It is fun and clean humor. It passed my 9-year-old granddaughter’s test. So, let’s see what you think.

Below is an introduction by the cartoonist, Peter Marinacci:

“Wombania” is an offbeat look at life’s hopes and dreams, frustrations and failures, filtered through the innocent eyes of the Wombies.

Wombies are genetically-engineered wombats which were created to be the world’s best pets. Loyal, trusting and extremely naive, Wombies have a tough time comprehending the contradictions of the human world in which they now live. And while their distinct personalities and strong wills guarantee unending conflict and rivalry, the gentle-edged humor keeps the strip family-friendly.

Chris is a young architect who works hard yet never seems to get ahead. A decent, easy-going guy, he’s always on the cutting edge of obsolescence.

As a kid, he frequently took in strays, which, as it turns out, was good training for the future. When the recently orphaned Wombies — Chris’ long-lost distant relatives — came knocking on his door, he generously adopted them.

Chris constantly finds himself overwhelmed by the complexities of the modern, high-tech world, and overwhelmed with his newfound responsibilities of raising a brood of rambunctious Wombies.

Fortunately for him, Winky and Twink have taken over the cooking, while Binky fixes things around the house, usually by adding rocket power.

The oldest and wisest of the Wombies, Binky is a rocket scientist and an accomplished inventor. His driving ambition is to be the first Wombie in space, and he might just achieve it if he doesn’t blow up everyone first.

Binky takes himself and his inventions a little too seriously, and his pride and high principles are often detrimental to his success.

He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, and can be a bit egotistical. Though that’s understandable with an IQ of 220. Which is the antithesis of his brother, Winky.

Bios continued next week …

• • •

In January, on a cold, snowy day, you will be happy to learn that many of your local agency representatives attended a Brown Act training class at Idyllwild Fire.

Sixteen people attended (including me) from CSA 36, CSA 38, IFPD, IWD and PCWD. The questions asked were intelligent and the answers were educational.

Becky Clark, Editor