Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington named two Hill locals, Mark Garrett and Ted Janka, to fill the two vacant seats on the County Service Area 36 Advisory Committee.

Both live within the prescribed CSA 36 boundaries. Washington’s recommendation went before the full Board of Supervisors for appointment on Tuesday, March 21.

With their confirmation by the board, Garrett and Janka will take their places as advisory committee members at the 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 23, meeting.

Their appointments would have brought the committee to its full complement of five members, but for the Tuesday, March 14, resignation of Wendy Read. Washington’s Legislative Assistant Opal Hellweg noted the new vacancy would have to be posted for more applicants to apply. But, for the near future, the committee will meet with four members until a fifth is appointed.

The March 23 meeting is open to all community members, not just CSA 36 residents. Pine Cove residents have raised questions regarding the award of the CSA 36 recreation contract to the San Jacinto Mountain Community Center (aka Idyllwild Community Center) and how that could affect non-CSA 36 residents’ use of recreational programs at the ICC.

CSA 36 recreation programs are funded by parcel tax dollars paid by residents within the jurisdictional boundaries of CSA 36. Pine Cove residents’ questions center on whether those recreation programs, some of which will eventually be held at ICC facilities, will also be open to Pine Cove residents inasmuch as the ICC is designed to serve the wider community. Those questions may be raised at the March 23 meeting.


  1. Could now be the time to align the boundaries of CSA 36 so that they match up with that of the Idyllwild School attendance boundaries? Maybe this is an idea that the CSA 36 Board ought to consider looking into. This would (without question) provide equal inclusion to all of those living outside of the current CSA 36 area. Just a thought!

  2. Thats a nice way of saying why should I pay for an welfare art gallery, another gym already paid for in my taxes, unusable non profit meeting space, and youth baseball recreation when I have no young children. As for an emergency shelter, it’s right smack in the middle of a flamable grove, and on an aluvial plain. Oh yes Wii bowling isnt exactly what i value as senior recreation given its the only senior recreation programmed by this group.

  3. There is no elected board here. It will be exactly the same when ifpd serviced pine cove ambulance needs, no elected board to which i can hold programming quality accountable. Personally i pay for off hill gym membership to a group that takes my money in exchange for services which iuse at the times i want, no such creature here. Its about youth baseball, soccer, and basketball, basically every recreation dollar. You cant teach a rat to be a hamster and you cant put a mask on it either.

  4. Dissolve IFPD, replace with CALFire reducing parcel taxes, and convert the community center from a non membership non profit to a membership corporation with voting authority , meaningful senior programming, and up front and transparent operating budgets, I would consider expanding the base. Short of that I will oppose and campaign againt it at every step.

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