In January of this year, Kathy Sacher Wilson and Ginger Dagnall resigned from the County Service Area 36 Advisory Committee.

Now, Wendy Read has resigned in March. That leaves John Mertroka Jr. and Dave Hunt as the only two of the original five members sworn in in July of last year.

While Wendy was attending her final meeting, Mark Garrett and Ted Janka attended their first last week.

For many years, this committee lay dormant until revived interest in local recreation caused Supervisor Chuck Washington to rebirth the committee.

But the musical chairs in less than a year raise concerns that the committee will not be able to fulfill its advisory capacity to the community. I certainly don’t want to see it go dormant again.

From the little I know in under a year, I think Mertroka displays good, strong leadership and understands the role of the committee in our town.

The committee faces challenges so it needs to stay strong. Ahead are questions involving the use of Town Hall once the Idyllwild Community Center is built and the role ICC’s board plays in relationship to the committee.

If you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around that latter concept, here’s how it works:

• Recreation Director Bob Lewis works directly for the ICC board.

• The ICC board contracts with the county to run recreation. It does not receive compensation for this task.

• Finally, the ICC board reports to the CSA 36 Advisory Committee, who passes along these reports, as well as community concerns regarding recreation and street lights, to Washington.

For the committee members now seated — all volunteers — stay strong and keep at it.

Becky Clark