Wendy Read at her last County Service Area 36 Advisory Committee meeting. She resigned due to pressure from community members over a perceived conflict of interest.
Photo by Marshall Smith

Wendy Read, County Service Area 36 Advisory Committee member, resigned after some within the community lodged complaints that her service on the Idyllwild Community Center board as well as on the CSA Advisory Committee represented a conflict of interest.

Read, a longtime Hill resident with extensive knowledge of community recreation needs, noted that Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Chuck Washington and staff knew of her service on the ICC board when she was interviewed and appointed. “They did not feel it was a conflict of interest at the time,” said Read.

Read will continue to attend CSA 36 Advisory Committee meetings as an ICC subcommittee member overseeing the transition of CSA 36 recreation management from the county to ICC.

Of her resignation, Read said, “I just wanted to do what was best for ICC, for recreation and for the community.”