The National Weather Service, through the California Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow network, is seeking volunteers to observe and report on local weather.

Joining the Community Collaborative network is free. One needs a 4-inch rain gauge and a few minutes each day, according to the NWS.

For more information or to join, contact Jim Taeger, either at or


  1. Its a shame that National Weather Service severe weather alerts through the emergency alert system are forbidden through wnki. But it shows that wnki should go away allowing people to listen to an EAS authorized broadcaster improving their safety awareness.

  2. This article actually pertains to what is called SKYWARN where weather spotters report “Ground Truth” weather from their locations to NOAA. Not to be confused with weather chasers. Locally the Mountain Radio Network supports this effort for Riverside County (both east and west county) via reports from Ham Radio Operators over our linked repeater system.

    As for WNKI 578 – 1610 AM and Per section 90.242 of the FCC expressly allows TIS transmission of, inter alia, “noncommercial voice information pertaining to traffic and road conditions, traffic hazards and travel advisories, directions [and] rest stops.” Thus, under this provision of the rule, TIS operators may transmit weather alerts regarding difficult or hazardous conditions (whether or not “tone alerted”), as well as information regarding motor vehicle crashes, emergency points of assembly, road closures and construction, parking, current driving travel times, air flight status, truck weigh stations, driver rest areas, locations of truck services, and road closures.

  3. Smoke and mirrors, bill. You are not part of the emergency alert system, so dont mis represent that fact. As for retransmission you need to have a person re transmitting. Given wnki is generally part time staffed you miss most every eas message. Listening to wnki reduces ones safety awareness as one should be listening to an eas authorized station not one that likely misses most eas area specific messages such a fires, tornadoes, and flash floods all triggered within our zip code which wnki routinely misses, because somone wasnt listening or didnt feel wothy of retransmission. Case in point during the early stages of the Esperanza fire wnki still broadcast messages to visit idyllwild stores with no mention of the fire, yet eas stations did.Take off the rose colored glasses bill.

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