Thursday morning, July 12, Idyllwild Shell was burglarized by three persons, at least one of whom was caught on security film. If you have any information regarding this break-in, contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station at 951-776-1099.
Photo courtesy James Jang

Wednesday morning, July 12, thieves broke into the Idyllwild Shell station at Highway 243 and Ridgeview Drive, making off with merchandise and a small amount of money, according to owner James Jang. At least one of the three men was seen on surveillance camera with just the lower half of his face covered.

Also Wednesday morning, a pair of thieves visited Community Presbyterian Church’s Thrift Shoppe at North Circle Drive and Cedar Street, absconding with various items, according to volunteer “Rhonda.” The identities of the perpetrators were known and the license plate of the vehicle they were using was filed in a sheriff’s report.

Saturday morning at about 2:30, July 15, two young men vandalized a garden hose and stole a short piece of it in the back of Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery on North Circle Drive. One thief maintained a look out while the other did the cutting, as can be seen clearly on surveillance videos at the Town Crier’s website. Co-owner Chris Johnston said he assumed they intended to siphon gasoline with the hose length.