By Jack Clark

Fashion Advisor

Q. For my kitchen, I recently bought a large set of new plastic tubs with matching lids. Now I have 14 tubs and only 10 lids. Four of the tubs are going topless. Where do these lids go?

— Myrna, Menifee

A. I think one of them turned up in my dryer. Have you got one of my socks? 

Q. The other day, I was cleaning out my car. There was an old hat in there and I put it on top of the one I was already wearing while I filled up my arms carrying other stuff inside. I put the other stuff away, entirely forgetting about the second hat, and went to town. Some of the guys ribbed me about wearing two hats. Now they think I’m a goofus. I thought I had a perfectly reasonable explanation for how it happened and I think it could happen to anyone. Have you ever done this?

— Harvey, Idyllwild

A. No, never. Ask anyone. ... Except Christine at the Legion.

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