70 years ago - 1947 

Fern Valley Garage advertised “Expert Repair Service, Greeting Cards, Gift Wrappings.”

• • •

Electric power was on its way to Pine Cove. Plans for a line from the Idyllwild Substation had been started prior to the war but were curtailed because of shortages.

65 years ago - 1952

“Tony Beaver,” a light opera based on an old West Virginia folk legend, with music by Josef Marais, premiered at Bowman Art Center.

• • •

A heavy downpour brought disaster to young wild turkeys near Apache Springs, due to particularly large hailstones.

60 years ago - 1957

Hevig Carpenter was sure she had the solution for a successful America’s Cleanest Forest campaign. She said, “The mountain trails would be more tidy, if every horsey wore a didee.”

55 years ago - 1962

Sunlight magnified the water in a glass jug in a car parked at Humber Park and started a fire that damaged the car’s interior.

50 years ago - 1967

Pine Cove got a new fire truck and two regular firemen.

45 years ago - 1972 

Idyllwild’s Bud Hunt was appointed fire chief.

40 years ago - 1977 

County supervisors ordered an animal holding facility to be built at the Idyllwild County Road Department yard. The plan called for up to $14,000 to be spent, and the building to be erected before fall.

35 years ago - 1982 

The Idyllwild Institute Fiesta Inc. was making plans for its 16th-annual Mountain Homes Tour.

30 years ago - 1987 

Idyllwild Water District was asking customers to conserve water. The Foster Lake level was 3 feet.

25 years ago - 1992

Nicole Coffer was selected to travel to Washington, D.C., to attend the National Young Leaders Conference. The council recognized youths who had demonstrated academic achievements, leadership and citizenship, and provided them with a hands-on civic learning experience in the nation’s capital.

20 years ago - 1997 

There were thrills on the softball field at Idyllwild School when Ajax made a comeback to win the championship coed softball league against the Garage, 19-5.

15 years ago - 2002 

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hazardous Device Team detonated a pipe bomb behind the Idyllwild Fire Station. The explosive device was found at Camp Maranatha.

10 years ago - 2007

Jim Nutter and Tom Billman won first place in the Sons of the American Legion Post 800’s annual Horseshoe Tournament.

5 years ago - 2012

New Idyllwild Fire Protection District Fire Chief Patrick Reitz took the oath of office from Riverside County 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone.

1 year ago - 2016

Idyllwild Massage on North Circle Drive had been the subject of nighttime vandalisms in five separate incidents.