By Jack Clark

Fashion Advisor

Q. My husband always tucks his shirt into his pants ... even Hawaiian and African shirts. I think this looks goofy. How can I cure him of this?

— Barb, Pine Cove

A. Sew the bottom hem of each shirt to the outside of a pair of his pants, all around. He can climb into both from the top before buttoning up the shirt. He might need a small ladder for this.

Q. My husband has two sets of keys that he keeps misplacing. Then I have to help him look all around for them — the house, the office, the cars — sometimes they’re missing for days. What’s the solution?

— Agnes, Aguanga

A. Sew each set of keys to the inside of his pants pockets with strings. The strings need to be long enough to reach wherever he needs to use them — car ignition, wheel hub locks, etc. They need to be really long if he has a car-roof carrier and wears kilts.

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