Ajax defeated Creekstone for the 2017 Town Hall Coed Softball Champions. Members of the championship team are (top row, from left) Chris Bayer, Anthony Diaz, Art Torrez, Lance Fogle, Matt McDonald and Charlie Clayton. In the bottom row are (from left) Derrick Zimmerman, son Silas, daughter Manassas, Desiree Zimmerman, son Elijah, Marcos Diaz, Kirsten Torrez, Maria Loutzenhiser, Rosie Nowell and Savanah Loutzenhiser. Team members not available for the photo are Julie Fogle, Kyle Loutzenhiser, Janey Espinoza and James Trinidad. Photo courtesy Maria Loutzenhiser


Town Hall Sports Coordinator Michael Holato gave this report on Youth Soccer. Below are the scores, standings and players of the game for Town Hall Youth Soccer. For the 4 to 6 year olds we are only doing player of the game.

 Ages 4-6

Monday, Sept. 18: Lightning Bolts 0, Avengers 4 (Dominic Rivera-Sandin scored 2 goals, Cainin Cooper and Joshua McLean each added a goal in a 4-0 win.)

Masters of Spinjitsu 1, Bears 0 (Taylor White scored the only goal of the game in a 1-0 battle of defenses.)

Thursday, Sept. 21: Bears 1, Lightning Bolts 1 (In an exciting battle, Kayson Adams scored for the Lightning Bolts and Kinsey Kretsinger scored for the Bears.)

Avengers 1, Masters of Spinjitsu 1 (In another exiting contest, Cade Brown scored for the Avengers while Ethan Castro scored for the Masters of Spinjitsu)

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Avengers 1 0 1

Masters of Spinjitsu 1 0 1

Bears 0 1 1

Lightning Bolts 0 1 1

Ages 7-9

Tuesday, Sept. 19: Idyllwild Star 3, Dragons 0 (Oliver Gonzalez scored 2 goals and Salvador Solario added another in a 3-0 victory.)

Assassins 3, Goal Busters 1 (Jaden Fogle scored a goal and Tyler Sonnier added 2 more in a 3-1 victory. Finneas Carpenter scored the lone goal for the Goal Busters.)

Friday, Sept. 22: Idyllwild Star 4, Assassins 0 (The goaltending of Assassin Kylar Schlenz kept this game close in the 1st half, but 2 goals by Idyllwild Stars’ Oliver Gonzalez and 1 each from Salvador Solario and Estevan Rivas, along with outstanding defense resulted in victory.)

Dragons 3, Goal Busters 0 (Goals by Indigo Dagnall, Darius Esparza and Salvador Eaton Sharon, along with a stingy defense led the win.)

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Idyllwild Star 2 0 0

Assassins 1 1 0

Dragons 1 1 0

Goal Busters 0 2 0

Ages 10-14

Monday, Sept. 18: Blue Stars 2, Wild Cats 1 (Mecino Reynosa of the Wild Cats scored the first goal of the game, but the Blue Stars battled back with goals from Bailey Easley and Travis Rocha for a 2-1 victory)

Thursday, Sept. 21: Blue Stars 3, Wild Cats 0 (Revin Muir, Rene Montoya and Travis Rocha scored goals, but the goaltending of Wildcat Dane Mock kept the game close in the first half.)

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Blue Stars 2 0 0

Wild Cats 0 2 0

Wednesday, Sept. 20: 503 5, Fox 3 and F.C. Los Huevones 4, Red Time 3 (Exciting non-stop action in both games.)

Standings Wins Losses Ties

503 1 0 0

F.C. Los Huevones 1 0 0

Fox 0 1 0

Red Time 0 1 0