Throughout their lives, all of the people in this annual tribute were connected to Idyllwild.

And because these are such small communities, many of the names that appear in Town Crier obituaries have appeared in past pages of the Town Crier when those people were alive. In that sense, they live on in the written history of our community, as well as in the memories of the people they left behind.

They were volunteers for one of the many organizations on the Hill, they were friends, they were relatives of a close friend, they were co-workers, they were fellow students and they were family. They were part of our community.

The Town Crier pauses to memorialize in its first newspaper of the new year, the names of 36 people who died in 2017 and three who were omitted in 2016:

Patricia Jeanne Abbott

Robert “Bob” Duane Baker

Richard H. Barker

Charles Buckman

Cheri M. Bentley-Buckman

Krieg Campbell

Frederick Carlson

Betty Jean Dravenstatt

Theresa Everhart

Scott Fjeldstad Fisher

Pamela Jean Goldwasser

Dorothy Hawthorne

Kay Jennison

Douglas Kincaid

Janice Oates Krueger

James Walter Larkin II

Bruce Ambrose Lee

Lewis Leih

Patricia “Patty” Blanche


Richard Francis Miller

H. David Mosier Jr., M.D.

Thomas “Thom” Lloyd Pentecost

David Mattson Potter

H. Dail Rankin

Jean Lewis Reid

Geneva Elizabeth McCleary    Schlenz

Donald Herbert Schmiedt

Genevieve Eloa Moody Skiles

Vernon R. Spitaleri

Eva Sprague

Wanda Leean Swanson

Jeff Tower

Louis Trongale

Karen S. Visel

Celia Marie Wagner

Byron ‘Jim’ Walters

Passed away in 2016

Ruth M. Bradley

Pamela Fojtik

Patricia Anne Kane Morris Hair