Longtime Idyllwild Postmaster Lloyd Wood with many of his awards shortly after he retired from 22 years’ service in February 1987. In an interview with the Town Crier at that time, he said, “The major change I’ve seen in the post office is automation. We used to sort all of our mail by hand into pigeon holes. Now the outgoing mail is processed at the U.S. Postal Service Sectional Center in San Bernardino.” Wood died Dec. 27, 2017.
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70 years ago - 1948

At the Idyllwild Dairy, Liz, a 7-year-old Guernsey, hit a maximum yield of 11 gallons of milk per day.

65 years ago - 1953

A single-engine Navy Douglas Skyraider crashed into the mountain, killing its pilot. The plane was one of four flying a routine night flight. It became separated from the others and plunged into the canyon near South Fork.

60 years ago - 1958

Harry James reported discovery of a 15-foot pictograph in the Black Mountain region. He thought it might have been a ceremonial site used by Mountain Cahuillas.

55 years ago - 1963

The Riverside County Boy Scout Council sent more than 100 boys and elders to camp in the snow in Skunk Cabbage Meadow on a cold weather weekend outing in the Wild Area.

50 years ago - 1968

A swinging service of holy rock was presented by young people of the Episcopal Church at Town Hall.

45 years ago - 1973

Gertrude Millikan called the fire department for help. Then, Jim Johnson happened to stop by and solved the problem. The snake under her sofa was a rubber one, left by mischievous grandchildren.

40 years ago - 1978

California Highway Patrol officials reported that seven people died on local mountain roads in 1977 — a substantial increase from no reported traffic-related deaths in 1976. Most of the deaths were attributed to drivers exceeding the speed limit.

35 years ago - 1983

When a dead, 85-foot pine tree was cut down in Fern Valley, Southern California Edison crews had to put up a utility pole to reconnect power lines and a street lamp light that had been attached to the tree. But when crews were drilling a hole for the pole they hit a water line, causing a gusher.

30 years ago - 1988

The Idyllwild Post Office marked a record Christmas season with a 25-percent increase in letter and parcel delivery. Postmaster Robert Cates attributed the increase to population growth, noting that there had been a recent corresponding surge in post office box rentals.

25 years ago - 1993

Strawberry Creek was turned into a roaring rapid and the pedestrian bridge at the Highway 243 Strawberry Creek Bridge replacement project was washed away due to several days of heavy rain.

20 years ago - 1998

It was announced that two gifts totaling $20,000 had almost doubled the Idyllwild Community Fund’s invested capital. The fund, established in 1996 with an anonymous $10,000 gift, was set up to provide grants to local nonprofit organizations serving the community.

15 years ago - 2003

About 65 peace activists gathered at the Tree Monument to protest a possible war with Iraq.

10 years ago - 2008

Remi Shea Keefer, born at 12:19 a.m. Friday, Jan. 4, 2008, was Idyllwild’s first baby of the new year.

5 years ago - 2013

Local business owners met at the Idyllwild Fire Station to discuss a range of options they could take to deter further commercial burglaries.

1 year ago - 2017

The Hill received nearly 2 inches of rain since New Year’s with more rain and possibly some snow in the forecast for the week.