Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats shared their stories of how they came to ARF.

Terra: Let’s have a pre-Thanksgiving meeting.
Tillie: We are all here, including our three kittens.
Mr. Gray: Three kittens? I thought we had five.
Terra: Albany and Anita found their forever homes last weekend.
Zeus: That is wonderful! So now, there’s three babies and all of us adults.
Tilly: The three kittens have something they’d like to share with us.
Agatha: I’ll speak for us kittens. We have written a poem!
Sadie: Wow! A kitten poem?
Agatha: Yep. The three of us worked very hard on it. Here it goes …
I’m a little pumpkin,
Not the kind you eat.
I’ll steal your heart
And love you lots
Right from when we meet.
Take me home
And celebrate,
A kitty for you all.
Lots of love
And purring too,
Even though I’m small.
Sadie: Hey, that’s pretty good!
Zeus: Do you think it might convince some humans to adopt you?
Agatha: I do! How could they resist?
Bear: Maybe we need a poem for us adult cats.
Mr. Gray: I’ve got one. Here it goes …
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Y’all need a cat,
And that means you!
Zeus: Or how about …
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I want family
Tilly: Good grief. I think that is enough poetry for the day! I suggest we let our sparkling personalities speak for themselves.
Bear: Maybe we will find a great reason to be thankful this holiday season.
Heavenly Whiskers: A warm home and a loving family will give us all what we need to be super thankful.
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