Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats and dogs learned that both Alvin and Holly found forever homes.


Little Girl: Are any of you missing Anabel?

Mr. Gray: Of course I am. She is a beauty.  Where is she?

Little Girl: Anabel is on a trial adoption. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her.

Heavenly Whiskers: It’s about time! Anabel has worked hard to woo every ARF visitor.

Pepper: When will we meet our new dog Janey?


Little Girl: She will be here in a minute with Cal, our other new dog.

Mr. Gray:  Cal?

Little Girl: Yes, Cal. He is a puppy, just about 5 months old. He is a great dog. I’m told he already walks beautifully on a leash, is being potty trained, and is really good with dogs and cats.

Mr. Gray: He sounds like a keeper!

Pepper: I’ve heard that Janey is, as well.

Little Girl: See for yourselves.  Here are Janey and Cal now.


Janey: Hello, cats! I’m Janey, and I promise you will all love me.

Cal: And I’m Cal, the adorable puppy.

Mr. Gray:  Cal, how big will you be when you’re grown?

Mr. Gray

Cal: Probably about 50 pounds. And I have very good house manners, especially for a puppy.

Janey: And don’t forget about me! I am very good with dogs and cats.

Indigo: I saw Janey at last week’s Sadie’s Clinic. She never even barked at the other dogs, and she saw them all day long.

Little Girl: That’s right, Indy. She was as quiet as a mouse.  She just liked to watch.


Indigo: Seems that these two dogs will be great family members.

Little Girl:  Just as any of us cats will be. Some day.

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