In 2010, Beth Nottley helped children select prizes in exchange for winning game tickets on Sunday night at the end of Idyllwild’s annual Great Pumpkin Parade and Carnival. Town Crier Archives

70 years ago - 1950
The Idyllwild Lions Club pledged to buy an extra U.S. Defense Bond in tribute to the 40th Infantry Division.

65 years ago - 1955
About 85 people comprising the cast and crew of a western production being filmed by Universal-International made headquarters at the “Inn” after shooting scenes in the May Valley area.

60 years ago - 1960
From results of bird-banding operations, local man Arthur Felt learned that Audubon warblers, blue birds and Stellar’s jays were plentiful, but chickadees, juncos and pigmy nuthatches were less numerous than usual.

55 years ago - 1965
An alleged plot to rob the Tirol Restaurant failed because a law enforcement officer “stake out” was spotted by one of the three gunmen at the scene. The trio was later captured in a road block.

50 years ago - 1970
Widening Palms to Pines Highway from the Anza Junction to Palm Desert to four lanes was among the recommendations made that week to the California Highway Commission.

45 years ago - 1975
The Idyllwild Property Owners Association was circulating a petition requesting that county, state and federal authorities appropriate new funds for fire-prevention work in the San Jacinto Mountains.

40 years ago - 1980
The Idyllwild County Water District board voted to lease two portions of the Dutch Flats property to the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce to construct, maintain and operate athletic fields for playing softball.

35 years ago - 1985
It was announced at a Chamber of Commerce meeting that start-up costs for the arts-oriented high school scheduled to open September 1986 at the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (now Idyllwild Arts Academy) would be $600,000.

30 years ago - 1990
The Fern Valley Water District board of directors adopted increases that would double water rates for users and would discontinue basic water service in the monthly service fee.

25 years ago - 1995
A group of community members was looking to propose a local bond issue for a new gymnasium and theater complex at Idyllwild School.
20 years ago - 2000
During a meeting of the Idyllwild Water District, General Manager Tom Lovejoy proposed purchasing an iron manganese removal system for well maintenance. The board also passed a motion to obtain an appraisal for the Idyllwild-Pine Cove Community Center on Franklin Drive.

15 years ago - 2005
Art therapist and Idyllwild resident Karla Leopold was asked by her Rosie O’Donnell contact to put together a team of six therapists to go to Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina to work with traumatized children.

10 years ago - 2010
Ask most any youngster on the Hill what their favorite community holiday event is and you’re sure to be told of Halloween with the Great Pumpkin Parade and Carnival and the Idyllwild Ghost Town. And no wonder, with so many townsfolk working together to provide a fun and safe Halloween experience.

5 years ago - 2015
Jerry Holldber of Pine Cove was appointed to represent Riverside County Supervisorial District 3 on the county’s Emergency Medical Care Committee.

1 year ago - 2019
The Idyllwild Community Center was already knee-deep in planning for that year’s annual Tree Lighting Ceremony.