Preparing for next year’s budget

Members of County Service Area 38’s (Pine Cove) Advisory Committee began preparation of its fiscal year 2018-19 budget, which begins July 1.

The committee, last week, reviewed the status of several already approved and funded projects, and its current financial balance before discussing some ideas for next fiscal year. At its May meeting, the committee expects to have the proposed budget completed and sent to the county.

Purchase of the masticator, for $30,000, has moved through the Riverside County purchasing department and the equipment should be in Pine Cove by the middle of May, said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Robert Fish.

Work on a shaded fuelbreak near the Red Hill Truck Trail may begin later this spring, according to Fish. The management plan has been

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Robert Fish recommends the autopulse (an automated CPR device) to the County Service Area 38 (Pine Cove) Advisory Committee at its April 11 meeting.
Photo by JP Crumrine

distributed for approval.

Items for the staff at Fire Station 23 are in various stages of being procured. The new lightweight and portable battery-operated extrication equipment has been approved and its purchase should be completed within the next two months.

Gaining approval for new rope and rescue equipment has presented Fish with some challenges, he lamented. Consequently, “I’m re-writing the specification myself,” he shared.

Finally, he requested and recommended that the committee consider an automatic CPR device. “This would be a new tool and of great value to the community,” Fish said.

Not only would the repeated presses on the chest be more consistent and provide a constant resuscitation rate, it would be a safety tool for the medic in the ambulance. With their hands free, they could sit with a seat belt rather than unprotected on the drive to the hospital.

The committee unanimously approved funding for the Autopulse, the automated CPR device. Its estimated cost is about $15,000.

Fish also confirmed that additional street address numbers were now available.

“Our goal is, reflector signs on every house in Pine Cove,” said Committee Chair Jerry Holldber.

As of March 31, the CSA 38 cash balance was about $407,000. Another $30,000 from property taxes is expected next month before the end of the fiscal year.

The cost of the approved and pending projects is about $90,000, and a separate $17,000 for more fire hydrants in the community’s undeveloped areas.

Holldber estimated that CSA 38 would have about $345,000 cash available after all of the approved projects were purchased or completed. Also, next year’s revenue would be $60,000. So, the committee expects to have about $400,000 for projects next year and into the future.

The special parcel fee for emergency medical service to Pine Cove was eliminated this year, reducing revenue by $90,000.

Also, a small amount of funds may be available when the auction of Rescue 23 is completed, according to David Alvarez, development specialist with the county’s Economic Development Agency. The new type 6 engine, purchased last year, replaced this vehicle.