What a day it has been (May 1).

This morning, Joy and I arose at 5 and were on the road to west Riverside for a visit with Joy’s doctor. All went well.

Then, we traveled to another Kaiser facility to visit Joy’s primary physician. So far, so good. Then we traveled to the Ontario airport to pick up Pauline, Joy’s attorney daughter, who will assist her in the next week after Joy’s surgery. It was so good to see Pauline.

After that, I came back up the Hill. Upon arriving home, I discovered that my rescue-dog, Tinker, had escaped from the yard of extremely good friends.

With the diligence and support of Diana and Terry Kurr, I was able to find Tinker in the rain and cold. There were at least eight people looking for this chihuahua-corgi in the rain. Where would we ever find such kind, loving people? Only in Idyllwild.

Ed Hansen


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