My name is Carlos Adames  and I have a friend who said I should share my story with you.

I went to The Fort where the shoes are on the bottom floor. Nancy works there.

Well, I’ve been walking all the time and wanted these rain/snow boots. I came back to pay for them the same day.

Now, it’s not how much that matters, but a woman paid off the total of the boot. I went to my friend’s house and wrote up a thank-you card. She is a local, Nancy said. I don’t know how to spell it, but her name is Jeanne.

I was so moved I got the card and dropped it off for her.  I do not celebrate Christmas and most holidays due to my religious beliefs.  But I believe in paying it forward, and that’s what I believe in doing,  so I hope she gets my message through your paper.

I am a disabled Army Airborne Ranger veteran. I am so thankful each day to be alive and have these experiences.

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