Following the conclusion of the public hearing on the rate increases, the Pine Cove Water District board reviewed the April financial statements and heard General Manager Jerry Holldber’s report on the district’s operations.

Water production was 2.7-million gallons, 8 percent or 236,000 gallons less than the April 2017 production.

For the first four months of 2018, water production was 9.6-million gallons, 313,000 less than a year ago. However, in both years, production was the highest levels since 2009.

Holldber did announce that PCWD would go to a Stage 2 water conservation situation on June 1. He emphasized that this will encourage greater water conservation, but will not raise the usage costs.

“It doesn’t penalize people. It’s merely a campaign to heighten awareness of the water conditions,” he told the board. “Pine Covers do a good job conserving, but we can’t wait until August. I’ve been talking about this for several months and now doing it.”

Holldber is still pursuing a grant and contract to do an income survey of district customers. If the results were to classify the district as disadvantaged, the approximate cost of $6,000 would likely be recovered in two years from lower state fees.

He also described the capital projects, replacing pipeline in the South Central area and recoating storage tanks, which he is planning for the summer and fall.

At the June 13 board meeting, a public hearing for stand-by fees applied to unimproved parcels has been scheduled. No change in the rate of $30 per acre is planned.