Bob Greenamyer holds his new book “The Cabin Elves of Idyllwild” next to an elf home. Photo by Holly Parsons

Even in Iceland, locals confirm the existence of cherished bands of jovial forest elves. Delivery of meticulous service to all the realms they inhabit is their forte. Rarely sighted by mere mortals, these diminutive shape-shifters unblock creeks, lay out food and build nests deep in flora and fauna but only the most trusting elves share their lives with humans.

“Mysterious sets of circumstances preceded the writing of ‘The Cabin Elves of Idyllwild,’” recalls author Bob Greenamyer. “When we moved to Idyllwild full-time and replaced our wall heaters with a forced-air system, we were left with holes in our walls. That’s when the idea came to disguise the holes, inside and out, with little doors with colorful knobs and hinges that didn’t open; or so we thought.

“We awoke one sunny day to find a tiny canvas bag filled with miniature trinkets tied to one of the little door knobs and pinned to the bag was a note. Penned in tiny print was an offer from the elves of friendship, wisdom, advice for forest life and gifts for our grandchildren. That’s when we knew for sure … we had cabin elves,” Greenamyer mused, “and that was only the beginning.”

The elves taught the Greenamyers many obscure secrets of forest living, and through it all they became fast friends. Then it occurred to him to create a kids’ story about their cabin elves. With the help of his literary family, because little can be accomplished alone, the story took shape.

Greenamyer consulted a website called “People per Hour,” identified an artist and together they worked remotely for about three months to create authentic illustrations. Self-published on Create Space, the book is available through Amazon and at select stores in Idyllwild. A reading of this magical story by its author will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 9, at the Idyllwild Library, followed by a craft.