Dr. Schelly relocates chiropractic office

Barry Shapiro, cherished owner of the Idyllwild Pharmacy, retires this week to pursue a long-held dream. Together with Linda, his wife of 43 years, they plan to travel north by caravan, documenting the journey through photography.

Shapiro leaves Idyllwild in good hands with new owner George Baslious, bachelor of science in chemistry, managing the store while Idyllwild relief Pharmacist James La Ponza takes the reins as pharmacist in charge effective June 6. Existing support staff, who have considerable experience with the community, will remain in place.

New full-time Pharmacist James La Ponza in Idyllwild Pharmacy. Photo by Holly Parsons

“I’m personally acquainted with many locals and invite all our Idyllwild clients to stop by and introduce themselves,” said La Ponza. “I’m leaving Walgreens for the greater fulfillment found in an independent pharmacy, and look forward to further serving the community and growing roots in Idyllwild.”

When asked about his philosophy regarding natural supplements, La Ponza responded, “I’m an advocate, as was Barry Shapiro. Barry brought Metagenics and superior ethical lines of supplements to Idyllwild and the new owner, George Baslious, is in full agreement. I firmly believe natural options can be an appropriate alternative. I also like to offer lifetime modifications if I believe the patient will benefit.”

Going forward, La Ponza plans to schedule brown-bag lunches to offer residents the opportunity to discuss their medication plans and become even more knowledgeable about their care regime.

Baslious, a Canadian chemist, as pharmacists are denoted in Canada, will spend the next few years managing the pharmacy while pursuing his California pharmacist credentials, after which he’ll assist La Ponza as needed. Baslious owns four pharmacies in Ontario, Canada, yet he favors the first pharmacy he purchased.

“Dorchester was like Idyllwild, a small, close-knit community. Being here brings back the enduring feeling of actually knowing and caring for patients, a role I believe to be of great importance when delivering care,” confides Baslious, who adds, “This pharmacy is very well managed with knowledgeable, capable staff. Any additions we consider will come from residents requesting new products to benefit the entire community.”

Dr. Charles Schelly in front of his new location at Victoria Square. Photo by Holly Parsons

When asked why he’s relocating, Baslious replied, “Almost my entire family lives in Southern California and it was time to join them.” Hours of operation and contact information will remain unchanged under the new ownership.

Dr. Chip Schelly, D.C., a practicing chiropractor in Idyllwild for 23 years, relocated his office to the Victorian Square, Suite #2, effective June 4. “This location offers my patients easy access and provides the same diagnostic and chiropractic care, with the exception of the gym.

“As a diversified chiropractor, I offer traditional diversified adjustment techniques, employing a multiplicity of classic chiropractic techniques in my practice such as Palmer, Gonstead, S.O.T and other hands-on adjustment techniques. This approach enables me to identify what technique, or combination of techniques, each individual patient’s body is accustomed or responds most readily to,” said Schelly.

He added, “The new location will be smaller, so I’ll now focus strictly on chiropractic, which is appropriate at this juncture in my career.

“The great thing about having a practice in Idyllwild is how one actually becomes a defacto member of many families. It’s truly been a privilege to share the great and the difficult times in my patients’ lives … as in every culture, it’s the weddings, births, deaths and milestones we all celebrate,” reminisces Schelly.

Contact information for Dr. Schelly will remain the same.