In the championship between the Dodgers and Giants, the Dodgers’ runner is safe at first in Town Hall Youth Baseball’s Major League championship game where the Dodgers defeated the Giants 4-3. Photo by Steven King

Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on Youth Baseball playoffs:


Monday, June 4, the Red Sox defeated the A’s 11-3 behind players of the game Rodger Gonzalez and Jackson Taylor, and some team outstanding defensive plays. Tayr White and Caden Meyer earned game balls for their outstanding play.

Blue Jays defeated the Braves 10-4 behind great defense and 3 double plays. Aiden Pritchett and Ethan Caster earned game balls for their play, but their defense was the difference. Ethan Castro earned another game ball for his outstanding hitting, and he also earned a game ball for the Braves.

Wednesday, June 6, the Braves defeated the A’s 8-1 to win the consolation game. Silas Zimmerman for the Braves played great defense to earn a game ball, and Chase Zimmerman earned a game ball for his hitting for the Braves. Ruby Adams and Brynnley Meyer earned game balls for the A’s.

The Blue Jays won the Minor League Championship with a close hard-fought victory over the Red Sox 13-8. Aiden Pritchett and Miles Seachrest continued their outstanding play and walked away with game balls for the Blue Jays. Jackson Taylor and Hailey Olivier also continued their excellent play and earned game balls for the Red Sox.


Tuesday, June 5, the Dodgers defeated the Red Sox behind POG Finn Carpenter’s complete game shutout and a key hit from another POG Josslyn Nowell. Sterling Contreras and Maison Sanchez were POGs for the Red Sox.

The Giants defeated the Blue Jays 3-1 behind POG Christian Gonzalez’s complete game-pitching effort. Blue Jays POG Dane Mock pitched a complete game and scored the only run for the Blue Jays.

Thursday, June 7, the Red Sox and Blue Jays played to a 3-3 tie in the consolation game. POG Dane’s pitching and Brian Alderete’s hitting led the Blue Jays to an early 3-0 lead. Red Sox Preston Pino’s 3-run home run tied the game. That’s the way the game ended. Preston and Lizzy Flores earned game balls for the Red Sox.

The Dodgers defeated the Giants to win the Majors Championship 4-3 behind Dominic Esparza’s pitching and Finn’s hitting and pitching. Both earned game balls for the Dodgers. Giants game balls went to Ayden Hyland and Christian.

Appreciation goes to the parents and Idyllwild community for their support in the Town Hall Youth Baseball Program. It was a huge success and special appreciation goes to the sponsors: Pino Tree Service, Town Real Estate, Golden Nugget, Ridgeline Roofing, Idyllwild Shell, Idyllwild Automotive, Mountain Mechanical, Earth ’N’ Fire, American Legion and Muirs Mountain Realty. And to Matt Kramer, Idyllwild School principal, for use of the facility for all Town Hall sports.