Grupo Bohemio performed at the Idyllwild Summer Concert Series in 2015.
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Idyllwild Summer Concert Series producer Ken Dahleen brings back the popular Latin band Grupo Bohemio to inaugurate Idyllwild summer dance fever.

There are certain experiences, approaching addictions, that are blissfully healthy. Dancing is one of them. Singing is another. Joy is a third.

Dancing sends healing endorphins to the body. Music enlivens the soul. And joy, especially on the dance floor, is contagious.

Add in the driving intensity of the Latin beat — salsa, reggae and the pounding African rhythms of Grupo Bohemio — and you have a perfect summer launch for the dancing-addicted couples of Idyllwild. Not partnered? No worries. Dance alone without embarrassment. Or summon up your bravura and brashness, and ask a stranger to dance. But, no matter what, dance, dance, dance.

A line from “Zorba the Greek” is instructive. “Man needs a little madness, or else he [or she] never cuts the ropes to free.” If you are depressed, if you are lonely, if your relationship needs a little more romance, or if you feel the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, cast off all inhibitions and dance to be happy, and dance to be free!

Grupo Bohemio is a family band — brothers and cousins who have played together for years, sharing history and seasoned musicality. That is why they have been an ISCS favorite for many years.

This year, according to spokesman Manny Torres, they are focusing on the percussive rhythms of Santana — audience favorites like “Black Magic Woman,” “Evil Ways,” “Oye Como Va,” “Brown Skin Girl,” “Smooth,” “Maria, Maria” and “Hold On.”

On lead vocals and bass guitar is Jacinto “Chad” Cancino. On keyboard and harmony vocals is Ruben Cancino. On percussion is Enrique Cano. On lead guitar is Manny Torres. And on drums and harmony vocals is Mike Cancino.

Mike remembered his father’s influence in shaping the brothers and their musical bond. “The music came from Dad,” he said. “He sang, played the bass and accordion, and had a passion for music.” The brothers initially learned music from their father then chose their own instruments when they became older.

Manny said the group has been scoping out July weather for the desert and that on the night of the 19th, their Idyllwild date, desert temperatures will be north of 110 degrees. He enthused about how the group appreciates the cooler climes of the Hill.  But perhaps that is wishful, given the heat Torres and Grupo Bohemio are going to generate.

You don’t want to miss the beat and the heat.

Grupo Bohemio takes the stage at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 12. Opening for them at 6:15 p.m. is Terry Jo.

This season, as it is each year, is free to attendees. But acts must be paid, and expenses must be met. Open your hearts and wallets when the donation jars are passed around. That is the only way this series can continue year after year — with your generous support.