Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats chatted about the new dogs and cats.


Panther: Guess things are now back to normal after that scary fire.

Freda: Right. We are back to waiting for our forever families


to find us.

Panther: Don’t know about you, but I’ve been charming the heck out of ARF visitors. I’m weaving in and out of their legs, and jumping onto their laps.  They are getting the full Panther treatment.

Pepper: That sounds about right. I hope some of those humans can escape your charm and find their way into the main cattery where we are.

Freda: And I hope they will call to make appointments to meet me and the rest of the ARF dogs. Maybe they can take us for a walk!


Sadie: As long as they walk you when it’s cool, in the morning or later evening. We wouldn’t want your paws burned!

Freda: No, we wouldn’t! Hey, how are the new cats Zeus and Bear doing?

Zeus: (Entering the cattery) Are you talking about me? I’m doing just fine, even though we were evacuated only one day after I arrived here. Wow, what a welcome that was!

Freda: Yeah, sorry about that. Have you met many humans?

Zeus: Not yet, but I really want to. I like to be petted.  Who wouldn’t want a big, pure white cat in his home?

Bear: Or jet black? Hi, I’m Bear. I came to ARF with Zeus. I’m a little shy yet, but give me a little more time in my new surroundings, and I’ll be happy to visit with every human who stops by to meet us.

Panther: Welcome Zeus and Bear! We are so very happy to have you here.

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