Adult Coed Softball

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Mike Holato gave this report on recent Adult Coed Softball games.

In a week of double headers, Patty Perez defeated Forest Lumber 16-6 and Creekstone defeated Ajax 12-6.

Forest Lumber and Idyllwild Arts split a double header, Forest Lumber winning the first game 14-9 and Idyllwild Arts winning the second game 14-8.

Idyllwild Arts and Ajax’s double header was canceled due to weather.

Creekstone defeated Forest Lumber 13-7 and won the second game in extra innings in the bottom of the eighth 8-7 in a well-played and exciting game.

Playoffs start Friday, Aug 24, with the championship series set for Sept 5 to 7.


Wins        Losses

Creekstone Inn          8 2

Patty Perez                   7 3

Ajax                            4                5

Forest Lumber   3 7

Idyllwild Arts 1 6