Trudy Levy’s “Moving Through Time and Space” is on exhibit at a desert art museum beginning Oct. 20.
Photo courtesy Trudy Levy

Trudy Levy is exhibiting her newest ceramic piece, “Moving Through Time and Space,” at The Palm Springs Museum of Art. The opening reception is from 6:15 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27, at the Elrod and Meyerman Sculpture Gardens. The exhibit runs from Oct. 20 to Dec. 9.

Levy, discussing her inspiration for her most recent piece, said, “The concept of a clay tube traversing through the vessel came from accompanying a dear and inspiring friend, mentor and healer who was near the end of his life, vigorously living every last minute before he transitioned. The process of working on the piece was an exercise in preparing to say, ‘good bye for now.’ The piece references my mentor and his journey as he leaves us and moves through time and space to the next dimension.”

Also, Levy explores adding sculptural and gestural aspects to her utilitarian-based vessel while simultaneously referencing the human form.

The geometric designs found in this latest piece are a continuation in experimentation of Levy’s ongoing series, Tribal Art Nouveau. A whimsical voice guides her decorations and placement of “appendages.” This process emerged during a weeklong meditation retreat in Northern California where she experienced a deep and

profound stillness that revealed her innermost voice.

Each vessel in Tribal Art Nouveau is made from slabs of clay and decorated with a unique design reflecting her love of math, geometric forms, and a quiet contemplation of relationships. These designs, inspired by her inner visions and rooted in the human experience, are abstractions which are symbolic of the interrelationship of all that is found in the universe. The vessel forms

themselves are a metaphor for the beauty and simplicity of human existence, where relationship with oneself finds its own unique dynamic balance.