Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats and dog Tex longed for homes of their own.


Panther: Adoption news! Both Tinkerbell and Giorgio have found their forever homes. I’m so happy for them.

Tex: As am I, but I have to tell you, I’m getting a bit depressed. I’ve been with ARF for quite a while now.

Panther: Hmmm … Let’s talk about this. Why do you think you’re still here?

Tex: I just don’t know. I am really good with children, and


I’m very loving. The only glitch is I should probably be the only pet in my forever home. I really, really love to play, and I’ll be a wonderful companion.

Mr. Gray: I’m so sorry, Tex. You really are a sweet girl. But we know how you feel. I’ve been with ARF for quite a while, too. If some human would give me half a chance, I would be a wonderful family member. I just need to get to know him or her.

Heavenly Whiskers: The same goes for me!

Pepper: And me. I think it’s safe to say for most of us cats that we need just a little time.

Zeus: Speak for yourself. I’m pretty darned friendly from the get-go.


Panther: As am I. And you know, I rather enjoy dressing up. I’ve been wearing different shirts and Halloween costumes for days now.  It’s fun!

Zeus: I’m friendly, but I’m not so sure about dressing up.

Bear: People who think cats aren’t as much fun as dogs obviously don’t know us very well at all.


Pepper: Now that’s the truth, especially with Panther. I secretly think he is a dog in a cat costume.

Panther: You’re funny, Pepper, but it’s kinda true.

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